Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig

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The original edition of The Hoax of a Lifetime, which you will find below, was written in 2015. Halbig has been up to a whole lot of newer, even dumber and more evil activities since then, so the text is now a bit dated. (The formatting is also pretty messy, at parts. It’ll get some TLC soon.)

HOWEVER, this rare first edition also contains many, many details from the earlier parts of Wolfgang Halbig’s life, and plenty of other juicy tidbits you won’t find anywhere else. Dedicated Wolf-hunters won’t want to miss this! And the good news is, you can still read it all, right here. Enjoy.

Wolfgang Halbig: The Hoax of a Lifetime

(1st edition)

Prologue: Straight Outta Heidelberg

Chapter 1: Probie

Chapter 2: Hurricane Fail

Chapter 3: Student Driver

Chapter 4: The Lost Years (Mystery at Sebring High)

Chapter 5: Splitsville

Chapter 6: Quadro Sinko

Chapter 7: Think of the Children

Chapter 8: Axis of Evil

Chapter 9: The Long Way Down

Chapter 10: A Man of the People

Chapter 11: The Scent

Chapter 12: Year of the Wolf

The Fall of Wolfgang Halbig

Seventeen Questions Halbig MUST Answer!