Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig

Questions Wolfgang Halbig Must Answer

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The well-known con man and fraud, Wolfgang Halbig, is on a mission. As the leader of the Sandy Hook Hoaxers, one of his schemes is to claim there are a number of “questions” that those impacted by the Sandy Hook case have not answered.

We have a few questions of our own for him. And unlike Wolfgang’s long-tired act, these questions really are unanswered.

Stop hiding, Wolf. Be a man. Tell the truth.

Here are SEVENTEEN of the MOST important questions that the gutless liar Halbig needs to answer:

Question #1 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:  

How is it even remotely possible that you were going to high school in America in 1965 and you didn’t know that the United States had a draft?

    • Seriously, nobody on your football team mentioned Vietnam once? You really expect people to belief this nonsense?
    • Were you trying to dodge the draft?


Question #2  Wolfgang MUST answer:  

Why did you try to make it look like you never worked at Lake Weir High?

    • You say on your resume that you were at Vanguard High School from 1975 to 1983. But when we look at what you were up to in 1978, the newspapers say you’d only been at Vanguard for one year at that point, and were about to leave. Why is that?
    • What happened at Lake Weir High School that you don’t want people to know about?


Question #3 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

Why were you planning to abandon the Lake Weir High School Hurricanes, right when the children needed you the most?

    • The school trusted you. You told everyone that “by game five you’ll be a different team.” But they were not a different team by game five – under your leadership, they lost every single game!
    • Even worse, you lied to those children about planning for the next two years with them. You were actually doing everything you could to ditch out on them and leave them without any coach for the next season. Some of those kids were probably aspiring college athletes, and you tanked their stats. Why would you lie like that? What sort of person does these things?


Question #4 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

Why don’t you include your stint at Sebring High anywhere on your resume?

  • You just completely leave out 1983-1985 in your career, why is that?
  • Is it because you stabbed somebody in the back again? Is that why you need to cover your tracks every few years?
  • Wasn’t it kind of stupid to dare people to look into your background, now that you think about it? Or do you legit not realize what a blatant scumbag you’ve been for your entire life?


Question #5 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

Why does your wife have so many aliases?

  • Is she hiding something?
  • What do you think it says about her, that she would choose Wolfgang Halbig to be her spouse?
  • How’s she doing these days, anyway? You guys good?


Question #6 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

Why did you and your wife get a divorce back in 1993?

    • What happened?
      • Did one of you have an affair?
      • Was it because of your career?
      • Or was it your mental state?
      • Why won’t you just answer these simple questions and put all the speculation to rest? What are you running from?


Question #7 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

Why have you been touting your experience as a U.S. Customs Inspector for more than twenty years, when you know that it was an entry-level part-time job at an airport, lasting one year at most?

  • Seriously your resume has more padding than a stuntman’s wardrobe. It’s silly.


Question #8 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

If you were such an informed Customs Inspector, why did you buy the Quadro Tracker scam hook-line-and-sinker, a product which the U.S. Customs Service had already declared to be a fraud?

  • Why were you trying to sell a phony bomb detector to the school you work at?
  • Can you imagine if there really was a bomb? Your incompetence would have endangered hundreds of lives at the school. And you were the director of school safety!!


Question #9 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer:

  • How did that student get his hands on your firearm? You’re a director of security for the school system and you let a student got ahold of your weapon?
    • Why didn’t you stop him? Who does that??


Question #10 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

What was the nature of your professional relationship with Mr. Marcum? 

    • Were you guys just really good friends? Who likes to make money together?
    • Did he give you a cut after you got the district to create a job for you?
    • Did you sell any services to his district after you left to go into the private sector?
    • Did you disclose any of this information to the district when you were signing all those contracts?
    • Were you surprised when someone finally called you out on all these conflicts of interest, and you subsequently lost that contract in Maryland?


Question #11 Wolfgang MUST answer:  

Why didn’t you, a former Florida state trooper, explain to your son that drunk driving is illegal and dangerous?

    • You were a driver’s-ed teacher too, did you teach all those students as poorly as you raised your son?
    • Why didn’t you instill in him any respect for safe driving, given the horrors you supposedly witnessed on Florida’s roadways?
    • Why would you allow your son to repeatedly violate the law like this, and endanger innocent people?


Question #12 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

Why did you keep hurting yourself on the job when you worked for various school districts in Florida?

  • Aren’t you a “national expert” on school and workplace safety? Your workplace is a school, and you can’t seem to keep even yourself safe there.
  • You’ve said many times over the years that districts should hire you because “teachers don’t know how to break up a fight,” but most of the injuries you filed for seem to involve you kicking your own ass in that process. How can you have done a job for that long and actually get worse at it?


Question #13 Wolfgang MUST answer: 

What exactly was your job in February 2005?

    • Are you a district employee, or a contractor?
    • Why were you bizarrely referred to as “the man running the safety program” but who is also “not allowed to speak on camera?”
    • Why weren’t you allowed to appear on television, anyway? It was okay in 1996, what happened?
    • What radio show did you appear on? Why don’t you talk about that ever?


Question #14 Wolfgang MUST answer:

What exactly is going on with you and your wife in summer of 2005? Why did you both quit your jobs?

  • Did your wife’s new position, with Lake County, turn out to be a more effective avenue into county tax coffers than yours had been?


Question #15 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: 

How is it that you were in charge of school safety when you let a student get your gun, AND you were in risk management when BOXES of your vital documents were left out for anyone to find?

  • Honestly, was this a joke or something?
  • How do you even find time to embarrass yourself this frequently?


Question #16 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: 

Why did you list on your 2012 resume under Lake County Public Schools “Director of Risk Management, 2005 – Current” when your contract was terminated in 2009?

    • Obviously, you’ve updated your resume after that, since it includes an entry for a corporation you didn’t even establish until 2012. So why didn’t you correct this part?


Question #17 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: 

How could you send those children into those filthy schools in Lake County, knowing about the toxic mold?

    • Why did you run away from the hazard without even telling anyone about it, rather than doing your job and protecting the students at staff at your school?
    • Where are the work orders you should have submitted to address this potentially very serious safety issue?
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