Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig

Chapter 9: The Long Way Down

April 7 2004: Bid Review Flawed, Schools Chief Says – A Washington Post article shows that the NISWS deal with Anne Arundel has come under scrutiny. The contract had apparently not been reviewed by the school board before it was awarded, and cronyism is suspected when it is found that two people on the bid selection committee were related.

One of these two, a “school system security chief” named J.Mark Black, was then found to have an existing relationship with Wolfgang Halbig that apparently had not been disclosed.[LINK] 

One of the bidders now says he complained about that issue in mid-August before the solicitation was ended, and again in an Aug. 30 letter. “It just didn’t pass the public integrity smell test,” the bidder, Kenneth S. Trump of the firm National School Safety and Security Services in Ohio, said in an interview.

[…] That contract, $175,000 of which will be paid from a federal grant the schools received in September, was not reviewed by the board before the staff awarded it to the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety of Florida. District policies are not explicit on when board review must occur, Smith has said.

The director of the Florida company, Wolfgang W. Halbig, said in interviews that he met J. Mark Black at a conference in Washington before the school system asked for proposals last summer. The two also spent a day together in Florida discussing a hotline program that Halbig’s firm markets, he said. But Halbig said his firm did not gain an edge in the bidding process as a result.

[…] The Florida company’s proposal made it the second-lowest bidder, after the Reston-based Systech Group’s $238,000 bid. Documents show that the selection panel relied heavily on technical judgments rather than cost, and Halbig’s firm won on the strength of its experience and a specific proposal.

April 7, 2004: School official uneasy over contract awards

April 8, 2004 Arundel school board to review rule on contracts after questions are raised

The Anne Arundel County Board of Education decided yesterday to review a local policy that gives the superintendent authority to grant certain contracts, regardless of size, without consulting the board.

This week, board member Michael McNelly questioned the school system’s granting of a $395,000 contract to the Florida-based National Institute for School and Workplace Safety for a safety assessment of the county’s 117 schools. School officials said they did not seek board approval because it wasn’t required.

“There have been a lot of concerns from the community on this issue,” McNelly said at yesterday’s school board meeting. “I think we are obligated to ask questions.”

McNelly questioned why the institute won the contract when it was only the second-lowest bidder, and he expressed doubts about the firm’s experience with large jobs.

April 15, 2004 Washington Post article: Anne Arundel Pact To Be Scrutinized. Halbig mentions a “friend in Charlotte” that knew Eric Smith – investigators have not yet determined if this refers to J. Mark Black or another “friend.” [LINK]

The parent’s group, which has popularized its cause on a Web site, is questioning Smith, whose national reputation as an education reformer — and $300,000 annual salary — made a splash in Anne Arundel when was hired two years ago from Charlotte.

“Is Smith earning his $300,000 salary/benefit package?” asked a recent posting on the group’s Web site. “Where are the improvements? Taxpayers will be asking hard questions.”

The skirmish over the safety contract was fueled, in part, by Smith’s history as a principal and school administrator in Florida two decades ago. Smith worked in the Orlando area’s Orange County. One of the founders of the Florida firm, Wolfgang W. Halbig, worked in neighboring Seminole County.

Smith and Halbig said yesterday that they had not met or spoken until after the contract was awarded. But parent Tracey Hess, whose husband, Curt, administers the Web site, said she and others have drawn their own conclusions. “I think it’s an outrage,” she said. “Why does it cost that much? Why does [Smith] hire his buddy from Florida?

Smith said that in a district with a $360 million budget, he had “absolutely no involvement in the selection of this company” and did not even know about the contract until after it was awarded.

Halbig, who said the contract is the largest in the company’s five-year history, marveled at the degree to which some parents have seemed to align against him. “I can’t believe a group of parents can have that much influence,” he said yesterday.

Halbig said he does have a friend who knows Smith from Charlotte, but he said the mutual friend had no involvement in the bidding for the contract.

[Archive of the site referred to above,]

May 15, 2004: Crash near BWI kills cargo pilot – In perhaps a fitting metaphor for the whole scenario that brought him there, Wolfgang Halbig is witnesses a plane crash in Maryland. Halbig takes particular note of the fact that the pilot of the plane opted not to harm innocent people on his way to ruin.

Shortly after 7 a.m., Wolfgang W. Halbig, a school security consultant, was standing near the parking lot at North County High School in Ferndale, watching parents drop off their children and students step off school buses.

Classes began at 7:17 a.m. About 7:22 a.m., Halbig saw what he described as an unbelievable sight.

“Off by the tree line, I see an airplane flying very low. … It came right over the parent drop-off area,” he said. “It was directly over them. … I mean, I could see the underbelly.”

The plane’s path took it between the high school and nearby Hilltop Elementary School, whose pupils arrived an hour later. It buzzed over athletic fields and the parking area, headed toward a red-checkered tower on the western edge of the school’s property and banked sharply to the left, Halbig said.

The plane then veered to the right before jerking back to the left again, and then suddenly dived toward the ground. Halbig lost sight of it but then saw a cloud of black smoke rise into the sky. He and his two employees drove over to the scene, where emergency crews had already arrived.

“He [the pilot] had to see all those kids and parents,” Halbig said. “And if he knew, then he did a great job. He went straight down; he didn’t hurt other people.”

September 23, 2004: Halbig once again injures himself tackling a student. [LINK]

Question #12 Wolfgang MUST answer: why do you keep hurting yourself on the job? Aren’t you a “national expert” on school and workplace safety? Your workplace is a school, and you can’t seem to keep even yourself safe there.

December 29, 2004: Wolf and Kathleen re-marry in Las Vegas. According to Wolf’s 2010 deposition, they co-habitate again after this point


File Date:

1/3/2005 1:25 PM

Number of Pages:


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Previous Related Docs:



February 8, 2005: Central Florida School Resource Officers Still Armed With Tasers – Quote from Halbig in article about tasers. No mention is made of Halbig’s prior experience with “stun guns” at school (see November 5, 1992.) It is noted that Ha

She’s one of a dozen students hit by tasers from Orange County school resource officers. Officers in Seminole and Brevard county schools are carrying the weapons, too.

Sheriff deputies say tasers are a good option for helping subdue students when it’s necessary. They believe the weapons are safe and effective.

But the man running Seminole County School’s safety program does not. Wolfgang Halbig isn’t allowed to speak on camera, but he said this on the radio: “It is a matter of time before a kid is killed.”

Some doctors say huge electrical jolts can damage young hearts, although just what qualifies as young is up for debate.

Question #13 Wolfgang MUST answer: What exactly is your job right at this point? Why are you bizarrely referred to as “the man running the safety program” but who “isn’t allowed to speak on camera?” Why aren’t you allowed to appear on television now? It was okay in 1996, what happened? And what radio show were you on?

February 14. 2005: A commentary on bullying is posted to Education Weekly forums, by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Assistant Principal” [LINK]

March 24 2005: – Erik Halbig is arrested for drunk driving, running a red light, and speeding.

March 28. 2005: A commentary arguing for increased school funding for counselors is posted to Education Weekly forums, by “Wolfgang W. Halbig/ School Administrator.” Wolfgang works in several of his favorite catchphrases, such as “break the code of silence” and “red flags.” [LINK]

Apr 4 2005 – Erik Halbig’s reign of terror continues: Wolfgang Halbig’s dangerously violent son is arrested yet again, this time for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and felony battery.

April 26, 2005, Halbig is listed under “PERSONNEL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR REAPPOINTMENT FOR 2005-06” as Assistant Principal at Sanford Middle School.

April 2005 (approximate) – Wolfgang Halbig has an affair, lasting two weeks and in some way requiring or resulting in a Cialis prescription:


       April 30, 2005 – Wolfgang’s mother dies [LINK] 

       June 14 2005: Wolf sues his mother’s insurance company.  

       (Orange County Courts UCN:482005CA005080A001OX)

       2005-CA-005080-O :




June 23, 2005 Halbig resigns from Sanford Middle School.

ADMINISTRATIVE TERMINATION AND RESIGNATION for 2004-05 1. Halbig, Wolfgang W – Sanford Middle School, Assistant Principal Middle 11, Reason: Resig for employ in Educ in Fl, Termination Effective Date 6/23/2005

In the same document, Kathleen S. Halbig also resigns:  19. Halbig, Kathleen S – Rock Lake Middle School, Teacher, Reason: Resig for employ in Educ in Fl, Termination Effective Date 6/02/2005

Question #14 Wolfgang MUST answer: What exactly is going on here? Why did you both quit your jobs? Did your wife’s new position with Lake County turn out to be a more effective avenue into the county’s tax coffers than yours had been?

2012 Wolfgang says:

July 12, 2005: Halbig is noted as having moved, and his private information is found in a box full of documents at his old apartment complex, completely unprotected. [LINK]

Halbig moved from the Colonial Village Apartments in Lake Mary several years ago, but his personal information stayed behind. It’s tough for Halbig to believe, since he works in risk management.

“I am very adamant about identity theft. I mean, it’s the biggest crime that’s happening across the world, across the country, and it’s happening in my back yard, it’s happening to me,” Halbig said.

Halbig’s paperwork was among other files found in the laundry room of the apartment complex. A person living there called Channel 9 after he saw the five boxes of files just sitting on top of a table in the public laundry room. On the paperwork were private accounts, driver’s license numbers and social security numbers.

“You can pull up my credit report. I mean, you can find everything about me, who I shop with. I mean, that is negligence,” Halbig said.

Question #15 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How is it that you were in charge of school safety when you let a student get your gun, AND you were in risk management when BOXES of your vital documents were left out for anyone to find? Is this a joke?

July 19, 2005: Report: School personnel failed to act on abuse – a Seminole County teacher is found by an internal investigation to have been “abusing autistic students in her classes.” Halbig is not involved in this event, but his later actions suggest he may have followed news coverage about it (see “Children’s Safety Institute” events of 2013) [LINK]

August 19, 2005: An Education Weekly blog comment is posted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator”

Without a doubt teachers are ready and prepared to teach on a daily basis. The student who is coming to school today is not the same student who came to school 25 years ago. Today, these kids think that they have a sense of entitlement for easy grades and less work. Overall they are lazy, and it starts at the Elemetary schools which now have parents doing their projects and assignments. Man this is great I will get an A.

Poor work ethics. Having to pay your kids to get good grades, electives all over the place so if they fail they will take it over. If teachers today truly held students accountable for their grades, the failure rate would be enourmous. We have open book test’s now, we allow them to take their test at home, we give them extra assignments for extra credit, block schedule so they now do their homework in class. Their lazy and we allow it. They know it or they would get to work.

October 19 2005: Wolf emails Jeb Bush (note: text has been edited to correct formatting errors in source)

From: Halbiga Wolfgang <Halbig[email protected]>
To: Governor Jeb Bush
Date: 10/19/2005 6:42:38 PM
Subject: Emergency Management Recommendation

Governor Bush;

In the United Air Force I was trained in Disaster Preparedness in light of the fact that our base served as a B-52 Bomber base with nuclear weapons. The number one issue that confronted the base and the community on a daily bases was what if a B-52 Bomber crashed and an accident occurred triggering an explosion. How would we handle such a scenario?

Hurricane Katrina again showed us that we are vulnerable when a plan is not executed and all of our resources not utilized. We in Florida have been very fortunate in our response. But I would like for you to urgently consider adopting a new concept that requires Amtrak to become a front line provider in evacuating senior citizens out of the area. Our job would be to transport them to the train station for evacuation. The sleeper cars would be ideal in providing some comfort instead of lying on a tarmac, airport lounge, cargo area ,or left in a wheel chair to die. The compartments would allow nursing help as needed; the dinning cars would provide food services that are fully serviced before arriving. Homeland Security can sent those resources to an area that needs to have to most vulnerable evacuated.

The United States Government already subsidizes this expensive system, and I believe that with your help that states that need to get people out of the area who cannot afford it can use the trains and our busses. Large numbers can be evacuated quickly and safely to designated points for pickup and sheltering.

Amtrak is one of our greatest resources for the elderly. Please, Please, Please get someone to incorporate this most valuable resource into our response program in order to save those in need. You are our leader in time of emergencies; please share this concept with others.

Wolfgang W.


November 8, 2005: the law firm of Morgan & Morgan, on behalf of Wolfgang Halbig, files a Petition for Benefits with the State of Florida, Division of Administrative Hearings, Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. This is for benefits applying to the Sept 23rd on the job injury.

The form includes this entry: “The injured employee seeks Authorization and payment of evaluation and treatment with a psychiatrist as recommended by Dr. Rosen; see Attached; Authorization and payment of Aquatic Therapy Program 3x/week for 2-3 months; see attached– However, Wolfgang in 2012 would deny that he followed this recommendation for psychiatric treatment from Dr. Rosen.

November 14 2005 – Wolf and Kathleen take out a mortgage

January 14, 2006: Prevention, training are keys to school safety, experts say –  [LINK]

 January 21 2006: Metal detectors not cure-all, schools say – essentially a rehashing of the previous week’s article (note that Wolf is described as “a consultant in risk management with WK and Associates” – WK is Wolfgang, so he is a consultant with himself.) [LINK]

Walk-through and wand-style detectors can be found in hundreds of Florida schools, including some in Orange County, but national changes in school-safety philosophy have refocused the attention of schools on other strategies.

“I think what they’ve learned is that metal detectors are not as effective as other programs that are available,” said Wolfgang Halbig, a consultant with WK and Associates, an Apopka-based security company that has worked with local school districts. “We’ve learned the school-safety package has to be more complete than that.”

March 21 2006 “The School Board approved the settlement of the workers’ compensation claim of Wolfgang Halbig as recommended by Michael Peterson, Esq.”

1. Superintendent’s Recommendation: That the School Board of Seminole County approve the settlement of the workers’ compensation claim of Wolfgang Halbig as recommended by Michael Peterson, Esq. 2. Background/Analysis: Mr. Halbig was employed by the Seminole County School Board, as an assistant principal at the time of his injuries. He sustained compensable injuries on September 23, 2004 and thereafter. […] Fiscal Impact: A one time charge of $11,750.00 against the district’s self-insurance fund.

April 6,2006: Sonitrol Corporation buys its Orlando franchise owned by Bill Ford – Wolf’s partner.

May 29, 2006: – Wolfgang donates $400 to the Democratic party in Florida

Wolfgang Halbig (Wk&associates/Safety And Security C), (Zip code: 32712) $400 to  DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF FLORIDA on 05/29/06

June 24, 2006 – Schools scramble to get insurance – Halbig is quoted as showing frustration with the budgeting process for insurance policies and severe weather. He is a “risk manager for Lake County Schools.[LINK]

But the schools have a lot of real estate. Some of it, such as Seabreeze High in Daytona Beach with its otherwise-enviable ocean view, is at high risk from hurricanes.

How are we supposed to protect the taxpayers’ investment in the schools if the insurance companies are refusing to write policies that will cover them?” said Wolfgang Halbig, risk manager for Lake County schools.

This year, Seminole had $200 million in insurance coverage and paid $1.3 million for it. The premium for the coming year will be $3.4 million for the $25 million coverage that includes a higher deductible.

July 20, 2006: A forum post at edweekly is submitted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator”  [LINK] 

CELLPHONES……. As a school administrator I beleive that every must be required to carry a cell phone in the event that the school administration, school guidance counselor, teacher or school clinic can find the parent when needed during the school day. I find it amazing that we can never get ahold of the parent when we need them in the event of a discipline issue or when a child is injured. Yet, the parents are telling us the school that there child is going to have a cell phone. When parents take responsibilty of their child then only then should we consider the use by students in after school hours use to reach the parent. As a school administrator I have never denied a student from calling his parent or the use of our pay phone. This is getting totally out of control especiall now with the picture phones being used in the showers or bathrooms and posting the image on the Internet. We are the school, we do not tell parents how to raise their children. Therefore let us do what is right in establishing a school climate for learning not cell phone, picture or messaging use throught the school day.

This is common sense………

August 29, 2006: Wolfgang posts a comment to Education Weekly. In it, he once again argues for a law or amendment that would force lawmakers to work at public schools. He also demonstrates an awareness of the Gates Foundation providing grants to schools. His wife, Kathleen, would go on to be a director of resources from a Gates grant, in the same school district that employs both of them at this point in  time (Lake County).

Posted by: Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator | August 29, 2006 2:41 PM

Bill and Melinda Gates are on a noble mission which is to help schools achieve. Those changes will never ever take place until state legislators are required to substitute teach four days a year. One day in the Elemetary School, one day in the middle school, one day in the high school and finally on the fourth day they must ride a school bus to and from school.

This would be a giant step in improving the quality of public schools. I believe it is time for all voters to adopt a constitutional amendment that will require them to be held accountable by becoming an active community worker/substitude and not as a legislator. There is a famous chinese saying that I used as a school administrator and as a teacher in the classroom 1. If they only hear it they will forget. 2. If the see it then they will remember. 3. If they do it then they will understand. This is just common sense, why would you not want to be part of our educational system by becoming a substitude for only four school days. This will allow you to see and remember as you are funding and writing new legislation that will hinder school districts from doing their job such as the NO CHILD LEFT BEHING LEGISLATION.

If you are reading this message, please get others involved in order to make this happen.


Posted by: Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator | March 28, 2007 2:59 PM

On day one of school every student has an A, what parents need to learn and be told is how his or her child child lost that A. We should not have to explain how the child earned a C and get totally blasted by the parents. This grade inflation is a serious issue in every private, parochial and public school in the country. If you out there think it is not a problem, you need a serious reality check. Do I give the student a D or F, If I give them a F I may have him or her again next year, I don’t want to have to deal with those parents again. So we give a D and move the problem on to the next teacher. Multiply that by the thousands and you have a serious problem. Do I give a student a B or A knowing that the parents are going to jump into your face by giving him or her a B. So we give them an A. Problem solved. We have school administrators looking at the grade distribution by teachers, if too many fail for not doing their work they get hammered on their evaluation. We have school administrators looking at the demographic grade distribution and if too many whites pass versus african americans or mexicans they get hammered. Those of you in the trenches know that we are giving away the store in order to make the system happy. Forget the cheating aspects of grade inflation. We see it and fail to deal it with because of having to deal with the parents and their lawyers. This is a serious very serious issue that I am glad someone is least bringing it to the forefront in discussing the issue.


Posted by: Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator | April 18, 2007 1:38 PM

Red Flags everywhere and we again fail to see the warning signs. From his dorm room to his classes to his writing. When you take the content of his writing plus behavior you have a red flag.

I just completed training over 5000 school police officers and school administrators on rules of engagement. I am hoping that the first police officer on the scene engaged the shooter to neutralize the shooter and save lives. The first incident with two fatalities probably caused all the campus police officer to respond to that dorm, it is a natural reaction by police. There is a shift change from midnight to dayshift and what most parents and the community do not know that the school police department does not have the manpower or the resources to handle these fatalities in a very effective time frame, they must wait for the juristication in charge to take over which would probably be the State Police in this case. Valuable time lost, and now there is another shooting across campus, who is charge. Columbine showed this country that failure to communicate and failure to engage caused students to die and get seriously injured. Rules of engagement must be crystal clear as you can see at VT. What parents do not know is that college police departments losse jurisdiction when fatalities unfold on school campuses. I cannot believe on how many police officers were hiding behind trees and police cars while shots are being fired while students and school staff are being killed and injured. This can happen anywhere at anytime.

April 16, 2007: Aquasplash Pools, LLC is registered by Erik Halbig.

July 19, 2007: Board considers school safety audit – Ocala-Star Banner article describes how Brian Marcum (Wolfgang’s associate) is pushing the Marion County school board to hire an unnamed “safety consultant

OCALA – Marion County School Board members say the School District is doing a good job at protecting students but more security measures must be taken to ensure that safety record continues.

At a workshop today, School Board members debated whether to spend about $200,000 to hire a security consultant to examine the county’s 50 schools, looking for risks and potential threats.

”We’ve been lucky,” School Board Chairman Ron Crawford said of the few serious instances that have occurred on school campuses. ”The world is becoming more dangerous.”

[…] [Brian] Marcum said during the meeting that security needs to be beefed up it because the terrorist group al Qaeda has announced more Americans must be targeted and that ”4 million adults and 1 million children must die,” he said.

July 22 2007: Halbig gives a presentation

November 28, 2007: Wolfgang Halbig contributes to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She is opposing Barack Obama.

December 31 2007: “Architects Must Participate in School Safety and Security Audits” – an article written by Wolfgang Halbig is published in Campus Safety Magazine. It is a very revealing document as to his professional ambitions and employment status at this time. [LINK]

From the time students are dismissed in the afternoon until well into the evening, demands are made on a wide variety of school facilities to support an extensive array of student programs and activities. Band and chorus rooms, the stage and auditorium, the gymnasium, locker rooms, athletic fields, the media center, computer labs, multi-purpose rooms and the school cafeteria all receive intense utilization throughout the school year. The challenge confronting architects is to design a building in such a fashion that students and the public can simultaneously use it safely, and custodial personnel can clean, maintain and secure vacant parts of the campus.

It is because of these challenges that WK & Associates recommends assessments be conducted annually on the campus of every school in America and that school design architects participate with safety and security experts, administrators, and other appropriate persons in the conduct of such audits.

Districts Shouldn’t Just Leave It All Up to the Principals

Every architect today uses safety and security as their No.1 priority when presenting their design to school board members. The problem is that they design it, build it and walk away. School administrators then are confronted with the poor traffic flow for parents and school buses, as well as a lack of parking spaces for school staff, visitors and students where applicable.

Architects and engineers engaged in building new schools or renovating old ones must provide administrators with the locations in their design of the safest areas to evacuate students and staff in the event of severe weather/tornados or even in the event of a shelter-in-place event. We cannot place this awesome responsibility solely on a school principal.

Remember, school and workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Wolfgang Halbig is currently the director of risk management for the Lake County (Fla.) Public Schools. He was formerly the executive director and national school safety consultant for the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. He can be reached at [email protected]


January 3, 2008 – Wolfgang is ticketed for speeding.

March/April 2008: Halbig writes a retrospective “one year later” article about Virginia Tech in Campus Safety Magazine. He also makes note of the lack of success he had in convincing school boards to purchase tiplines:

“We have to get away from these custodians having to walk around and unlock or lock the doors,” says Wolfgang Halbig, director of risk management for the Lake County (Fla.) Public Schools. And some campuses do have the ability to automatically lock buildings by campus dispatchers. Many others are looking to adopt more sophisticated access control systems that involve card access. That said, it’s doubtful anytime soon we’ll see most campus public safety departments being able to just flip a switch to secure every building.


Also, bullying and harassment are troubling issues that remain in schools. “It’s amazing that they refuse to invest in a simple hotline program, which allows parents and children to call about bullying, harassment and drugs,” says Halbig. “It’s the best investment you can make, but they won’t do it.”

April 17, 2008 A blog post is submitted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator” that shows frustration at the failure of the Real Hero Foundation’s amendment effort, and summons the United States presidential candidates to its aid. [LINK]

The solution of fixing the public school system is crystal clear for all of the presidential candidates. The problem is that they do not have the guts or courage to stand up in directing ever congressman and women to substitute teach four school days a year in their state. You cannot fix something that is broke if you do not see it. The presidential candidates must require them to work those four days or they would loose federal funding for there states, this idea can transition down to all of the state legislators in which there counties or districts would loose funding if not completed. A national program to fix public education by those who make the laws and funded and are screwing it up big time because they do not see or understand in what is truly happening on a daily basis in our schools. How simple can it be; They would spent one day in the high School as a Substitute teacher, one day in the Middle School, one day in the elementary school and finally one day riding a school bus to and from school. You will learn.

We all know the ancient chinese saying which states” That if I hear it I forget, If I see it I remember and If I do it I will understand”. Well if the Chinese can figure this out then I don’t understand why our presidential candidates can’t.

Florida United States Senator gace up one day per month and dedicated it as a work day, picking oranges in the groves, digging ditches, cutting grass on the highways etc. He had the balls to step up and stop hearing about all the problems, he went to see it and do it so he could understand when writing legislation effectiving the lives of children and adults. THis is common sense and one day the people will make it happen even if the presidential candidates fail in have the courage to stand up for our children and school staff.

June 24, 2008: Wolfgang is among those from the Lake County School Board who attend a Purchasing Department meeting at the Howey Education Center. There, proposals are heard from four insurance providers for district employee health coverage. School Board member Larry Metz is also in attendance.

During this series of proposals, Halbig takes special notice of interactions between Larry Metz and vendor Brown & Brown Insurance.

August 31, 2008 – Wolfgang contributes to John McCain’s presidential campaign, opposing Barack Obama

September 25 2008 – Wolfgang is listed on the “Preferred Government Insurance Trust Risk Advisory Board” for the “The Crossings at Fleming Island” community development in Orange Park. Interestingly, liability insurance for the development is handled by Brown & Brown, an organization that Wolfgang will soon come into conflict with. [LINK]

November 10, 2008: Lake County School Board meeting notes that a bid from Brown & Brown is awaiting approval, and Larry Metz is moving the process forward.

November 2008: Dr. Susan Moxley becomes Superintendent of Lake County Schools, replacing Anna P. Cowin. She begins making personnel changes for her new administration.[LINK]

Sometime in the next month or two, Wolfgang feels depressed over “harassment” toward him under Moxley’s administration. He sees a psychiatrist, and begins taking anti-depressants.


January 15, 2009 – “Wolfgang W. Halbig” Wolf leaves this comment, with the subject line “Good Friend”, on an article about a coach entering a hall of fame:

As a former Red Devil Baseball Player you make me truly proud. I also hoped that one day you would have a a chance to coach the Red Devils because it is in your Blood. I am just glad that the Firemans Association of Sebring doesn’t tell you how to coach. Congratulations to you, Judy and family. I will always remember your help. wolf

February 15, 2009: Erik Halbig trespasses somewhere, and is apparently intoxicated at the time.

March 13, 2009 – Divorce filed for Erik Halbig:


March 31, 2009: a comment posted by “Wolfgang W. Halbig” to Education Weekly praises the German school system over USA’s.  [LINK]

I attended the German Public School system in 1952-1958 and learned discipline and respect for my teachers and grandparents. I never knew my father or my mother until I was 14 years old.

April 16, 2009: Erik Halbig is charged with trespassing and disorderly intoxication, for the February incident.


June 15, 2009: Wolfgang attends an agenda meeting regarding health insurance for school employees. The purpose of this meeting was to decide whether or not to approve the benefits proposal put together by Scott Hindeman, the broker for the district. Apparently, Wolfgang proposed that they reject the proposal, and in some way the cost of the plan dropped “in three minutes” by “a million dollars,” which Wolfgang found to be suspicious.

Eventually, Larry Metz (who is an Assistant Superintendent on the school board, while Wolfgang is just employed there as a risk manager) tells him he has the votes to just pass it despite Wolf’s objections, and  that if Wolf persists, he is just going to get himself fired. Wolf persists. [LINK]

June 30, 2009: Wolfgang Halbig is terminated/fired/contract allowed to expire by Superintendent Susan Moxley, according to Wolf’s profile “The Alternative” published a year late on on Jun 3 2010.

Question #16 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: Why did you list on your 2012 resume under Lake County Public Schools “Director of Risk Management, 2005 – Current” when your contract was terminated in 2009? Obviously you updated your resume as recently as 2012, since it includes an entry for a corporation you didn’t even file for until 2012, so why didn’t you correct this part?

According to Wolfgang, he “writes a movie script” in between working expert witness cases, after ending employment with the school board.

September 24, 2009: Wolfgang and his son Erik register the corporation “Bullies Beware Inc”


January 21st, 2010: Halbig sends an email to to Lake County School Board members, titled “For the Record.” (Apparently, he is protesting his termination six months before.) This is after Halbig, according to Metz, met with Metz and expressed concern over the Brown & Brown price quote for insurance:

“We used to pay Brown and Brown $6,158,000 million dollars for the entire package one year and on the average since 2005-2006 we paid over $5,350,000 million dollars and would be paying the over $6,158,000 million dollar price tag had it not been for Larry Metz questioning Scott Hindman on the high premium we are paying since our claims history has now a .99 experience mod.

 Just a simple challenge by Larry Metz in suggesting that we may switch to another program caused Scott Hindman to drop our premium insurance over $1,000,000 million dollars in three minutes.

 No other school board member raised any concerns and I have always wondered why?

If he dropped our premium by over a $1,000,000 million dollars in three minutes does that mean he could have done that in 2005-2006, 2006-2007 maybe I guess we will never find out since no other board member held the company accountable.”

January 26, 2010: Wolf falls on the sidewalk while jogging near his home. He and Kathleen would sue the city of Apopka the following year in  2011-CA-010228-O : HALBIG, WOLFGANG et al.vs.CITY OF APOPKA

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