Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig

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Wolfgang’s Associates

Philip Danny Craigie aka “Professor Doom

Philip Danny Craigie was once incarcerated in California for multiple violent crimes (including robbing an elderly man with a shotgun!) but by 2014 he was out on the streets again. And when Wolfgang Halbig started his “Sandy Hook Justice” hoax campaign, ol’ “Doom” was one of the most enthusiastic misfits to answer his call. He would release unhinged YouTube videos on a daily basis, spouting incoherent conspiracy theories and falsehoods about the Sandy Hook families, sometimes even threatening to commit acts of violence against them. A real charmer.

Wolfgang himself even appeared on Craigie’s youtube channel, to promote his hoax nonsense and ask viewers for money. As I recall, he complimented Doom’s “research” and encouraged him to continue.

Then in 2017, “Professor Doom” was identified as the suspect in an attempted homicide in Montana. He had approached his victim in broad daylight and stabbed them multiple times, before making his getaway on a bicycle. The cops arrested him at his trailer park home, and he’s been locked up ever since. (This latest violent criminal offense didn’t have anything to do with Sandy Hook, but it’s worth noting that when Wolfgang Halbig goes to rile up the online conspiracy crowd, these are the sort of people that end up “investigating” the traumatized families.)

For more info, check out articles from the Great Falls Tribune or Montana Right Now, or this news segment from KRTV Channel 3: 

***October 2020 Update***: “Professor Doom” Danny has apparently been paroled early due to a COVID outbreak at the corrections facility where he was serving his time. The first thing he did is post a super-creepy Youtube video wearing a mask, and bathed in a sinister red light, where he announced his return — and thanked Wolfgang by name for all the support while he was behind bars for a violent felony:

(Note that “Tony” refers to another hardcore Sandy Hook hoaxer, and soon-to-be-featured close associate of Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead).

Jonathan Reich aka “Scotty Walker”

Jonathan Reich was a 22-year-old Sandy Hook truther from New York who in 2013 decided it’d be a keen idea to call up the medical examiner in Connecticut who had worked on the case. And also that he should distort his voice and be really creepy and do it repeatedly. And also that it’d be neato to post the resulting audio clips to YouTube and call himself “Scotty Walker.” The recipients of these calls felt they were threatening, and eventually, Reich was identified and charged with harassment. He ended up fleeing back to his home state rather than facing the charges.

Wolfgang Halbig loved Jonathan Reich. He saw Reich’s status as a fugitive to be a fundraising opportunity, promoting Reich’s plight as “the key to solving Sandy Hook” on countless occasions. And Reich was apparently dumb enough to believe it, because he wound up spending several months incarcerated in the notorious Riker’s Island prison, rather than simply showing up to court in Connecticut. He eventually did plead guilty to multiple charges, and he’s since been released, though not without a restraining order to prevent him from resuming his harassment of innocent people.

For more information:

Tony Mead

James F Tracy

James Tracy was a tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University, until 2012. From 2012 to 2015, he was a tenured professor and also a Sandy Hook Hoaxer, playing a key role in spreading the “hoax” narrative in the days immediately after the tragedy.

Since January 2016, he’s just a Sandy Hook hoaxer and an unemployable bankrupt loser.

I’d say more, but there’s already a nine-part detailed breakdown of James F. Tracy’s life, freely available at Enjoy!

[More associates coming soon!]

“Tha Wolf Pack” (Family of Halbig)

Wolfgang Halbig couldn’t just be out there walking the streets on his own; no, it takes a core group of loyal Wolf supporters in his family to turn a blind eye to his behavior. That’s what keeps the circus running. So these are the true Wolfgang fans, the die-hards who boldly walk the path of… well, I guess just not really feeling like inconveniencing themselves with doing the right thing.

Folks, this crew can be considered no less than THA WOLF PACK!:

Kathleen Halbig

DOB 01/02/1957

Kathleen Halbig

Karl Halbig

DOB 11/13/1981

Erik Wolfgang Halbig

Erik Halbig seminole County arrest

Karl Halbig DOB  11/13/1981

Blackwater Cattle Company Seeking Herdsman

Abbie C Morgan  DOB 06/04/1982