Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig

Chapter 7: Think of the Children


February 21, 1997: Wolfgang Hablig gets his gun stolen by a students at his school

Police: Teen Sold Stolen Gun To Student

February 21, 1997, By Sharon McBreen of The Sentinel Staff

LONGWOOD — A gun stolen from the director of security at Seminole County schools has made its way into the hands of a high school student, deputy sheriffs said.

The irony is not lost on Wolfgang Halbig, whose Whisperwood home was burglarized last week.

”My big concern is the firearms and shells (that were stolen),” Halbig said. ”I didn’t want anybody getting hurt. I mean, gosh, I’m the director of security.”

Seminole deputy sheriffs arrested a 15-year-old Lake Brantley High School student after finding a box of Halbig’s stolen belongings in the boy’s home.

Question #9 Wolfgang Halbig MUST answer: How did that student get his hands on your firearm? You’re a director of security for the school system and you let a student got ahold of your weapon? Why didn’t you stop him? Who does that??

April 25, 1997:Boy Takes Loaded .357 To School” – barely two months since Wolfgang’s sidearm was stolen by a student, another student is found to have brought a gun onto the school campus that Wolfgang is supposedly responsible for securing.[LINK]

”The thing I feel good about is, I’m glad the kids took the responsibility in stepping forward,” said security director Wolfgang Halbig. ”This is exactly what we expect of our young people.”

July 14 1997: Kathy Halbig purchases the property at Lot 70, Cambridge Commons, AKA 1821 Cranberry Isles Way. She is “a single person” [LINK]




August 26 1997:

Dr. Kuhn congratulated Wolfgang Halbig for his appointment to the Safe and Drug-Free Grant Task Force.

September 9, 1997: The Seminole County School Board records in their meeting minutes that one particular session attendee (potentially Richard Wells, who frequently attended ) was aggressively pushing for “the inclusion of site-based administrators and support administrators in future work sessions.” [LINK]

The meeting minutes suggest that the rest of the board was reluctant to allow the inclusion of contractors to board meetings. Wolfgang brought them in anyway.

Based on discussion at the last Board meeting by one of the members and in a continued effort to provide the Board with a broad source of information, the planning team and superintendent have discussed the inclusion of site-based administrators and support administrators in future work sessions. In this manner, an added dimension might be provided through the viewpoint or perspective of our “front line” administrators.

The next work session which deals with Security and Safety will include an overview by Wolfgang Halbig followed by short security perspectives to be shared by an elementary, middle and high school principal. Other possible sessions might include House Bill 1956, reading remediation, grouping practices, retention policy, E.S.O.L., purchasing practices, graduation requirements, elementary foreign language or license for learning opportunities. A district-based representative, as well as several principals, might be asked to discuss how these subjects pertain to their particular school sites.

If would be our intent to try this format for a few work sessions to provide the Board with a broadened input for the decision making process. At that point, you may wish to review this new direction.

September 30, 1997: Email from Bill Ford (Sonitrol) to Wolfgang:

October 1, 1997: A Cop In Class – “Education Week” article describes Halbig’s unconventional approach to safety inspections, noting that he is the “creator” of a method that integrates outside contractors. [LINK]

Unlike other districts that have conducted undercover probes to root out drug rings on campuses, Seminole County, part of suburban Orlando, decided to take a long-term, comprehensive look at school safety and classroom-discipline techniques. So far, this type of “safety audit,” as its creator has dubbed it, appears to be unique to the 55,000-student Florida district. “People in this country are tired of teachers being shot and killed and kids losing their lives at school,” says Wolfgang Halbig, who conceived the operation as security director for the Seminole County schools. “We’ve got to get a handle on it.”

Only Halbig, district superintendent Paul Hagerty, and the county sheriff knew the identity of the undercover officer and the schools she was working. The school board signed off on the overall plan to arrest students. By the end of the operation, 33 students and adults were arrested on charges involving marijuana, LSD, and cocaine. Several students have pleaded guilty and some students are awaiting sentencing. Most will be expelled. “This was a message to students,” says Hagerty.

October 14, 1997: Approval of additional staff for Wolf, reference from Sonitrol. (ABOVE)

November 19, 1997: – Authorization for travel expense to WA



January 12, 1998: Halbig is quoted in an article about a safety hotline, “Callers Would be Anonymous”

Kathleen Halbig takes a personal leave, lasting almost four months



INSTRUCTIONAL PERSONNEL RETURNING TO DUTY FROM LEAVE OF ABSENCE 6. Halbig, Kathleen S – South Seminole Middle School, Teacher Dropout Prevent, Return from Leave Date 7/27/1998

February 24, 1998 – Seminole County School Board meeting

April 26, 1998: “Editorial: hotline got a cool reception.” – article notes that Wolfgang’s hotline found funding and is being turned on, despite initial difficulties allocating the funds; an unnamed “private party” provided the funds. [LINK]

April 27 1998 “break the code of silence” video is produced by Seminole County Schools, for the purpose of marketing the “Save-A-Friend” hotline that Wolfgang markets. In the article, Wolfgang strongly advocates for third party security contractors. [LINK]



May 24, 1998, Wolfgang’s son graduates High School[LINK]

July 11, 1998, 5. Halbig, Wolfgang W. – Ombudsman/Security, District Security Chief, Temporary Duty to Attend the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers 29th Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario Canada, Leave Date 7/11/1998, Return from Leave Date 7/15/1998 (Registration and Lodging Paid by the National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers)

July 23, 1998 “Basic policy to deal with violence to be ready by August” Wolfgang endorses having an “emergency management team trained at each school.” . [LINK]

August 5, 1998 “District pens plan to stamp out violence in schools.” – plans in other districts are expected to based on Wolfgang’s plan. [LINK]


October 11, 1998 – In an article about school violence, Project Excel is mentioned as an alternative school for troubled students. It is noted that “Almost 92 percent of the students who pass through Project Excel go back into the traditional school system and are successful, ” according to Wolfgang Halbig. [LINK]

2012 Wolf says:


While at Excel, according to Halbig’s 2012 deposition, he sustained an injury (and destroyed part of the school) while attempting to restrain a student. This resulted in a worker’s comp claim.

October 29,1998 

ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION – Contact: Jim Dawson Regional Summit on Safe and Secure Schools — The Department of Education conducted regional summits on Safe and Secure Schools during the first semester of the 1998-99 school year. Personnel from Seminole County attended the summit on October 29, 1998, which was held in Orlando. The members of the Seminole Team included, Darvin Boothe, Judy Wiant, Hortense Evans, Wolfgang Halbig, and Jim Dawson. Each team member attends break out session that was scheduled throughout the day and all felt that the information was valuable. A follow-up meeting of the Seminole Team was held on November 23, 1998. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the various activities and session the team members attended at the Summit and also to develop any strategies for implementation of programs that may benefit Seminole County. Listed below are the main topics discussed.


August 30, 1998: Students In Trouble Dig Out With A Boost From Excel –  Gubernatorial candidate Jeb Bush visits Project Excel. Halbig would later claim that Jeb made promises to him during a visit to Excel, regarding what he would do about school safety appointments if he was elected. [LINK]

December 2, 1998 ttp:// 

The total security program of Seminole County Schools is being noticed at all levels. Last week, the Heathrow Chamber of Commerce presented Wolfgang Halbig, the District Security Chief, with an award recognizing his passion for the safety of students. On December 2 at the State School Board Association Meeting in Tampa, Wolf will be the co-keynote speaker and lead two breaks out sessions. On a national level, Wolf was one of three district security leaders interviewed for an upcoming article in the National School Board Journal. In November, he will be making a presentation for the Educational Law Association in South Carolina. .

Dec 15 1998 – Budget appropriation for 11 School Resource Officers and 2 D.A.R.E. officers is submitted by Richard C. Wells (Exec. Director of Support Services) and Wolfgang W. Halbig (District Security Chief) and approved by the Seminole County school board.  


Jan 27 1999:  Miami-Dade Plan Expands Officer Jurisdiction – Education Weekly covers a tentative plan in Miami-Dade County to “expand the jurisdiction of its school police force to areas near its schools.”

And whatever the positive impact for the community, the schools could suffer, he said. “If officers are dealing with other issues, who’s taking care of the school?” Mr. Blauvelt said.

Wolfgang Halbig, the director of school security in Seminole County, Fla., agreed. “There are a lot of ramifications” for a program like this, said Mr. Halbig, who manages 37 officers in his 60,000-student district.

“[Dade] is such a big school district–just to go another step could create other problems for themselves,” he said. “The officers could lose sight of what their role truly is.”


February 21, 1999: Spring Break Camp Offers Entertainment, Enrichment – The Orlando Sentinel records an education “camp” hosted by Wolfgang Halbig. [LINK]

THE ALTAMONTE Elementary PTA will host two meetings with Wolfgang Halbig, director of security for Seminole County Public Schools.

Halbig will address parents’ concerns at 7 p.m. on Monday and 9 a.m. Thursday at the school, 525 Pineview St., Altamonte Springs. Halbig will discuss issues ranging from school safety to School Board accountability for students. Because of the adult subject matter, the PTA is asking that student not attend.

April 20, 1999: Columbine High School shooting. Throughout the years going forward, Wolfgang would attempt to imply that he was involved in some capacity with the investigation into this student event. Investigators can find no evidence of any official Halbig involvement whatsoever.

April 23, 1999, After Massacre in Littleton, Schools Are Expected to Tighten Security

Wolfgang Halbig, director of security for Florida’s Seminole County school district, says before it started using surveillance cameras and undercover agents in 1993, 19 guns were confiscated in a year from students. Since the measures were put in place, gun confiscations have dwindled to zero this year.

April 25, 1999 – “Before the Danger, There are Signs” – a post-Columbine article in the Orlando Sentinel quotes Wolfgang, who warns that shootings “can happen any time, anywhere.” :[LINK]

A deadly school shooting “can happen any time, anywhere,” said Wolfgang Halbig, security director for Seminole County public schools. Ron Pinnell, director of secondary education, agreed. “Crime and violence have come boldly walking through the front gates of our schools,” he said.

May 11, 1999: Wolfgang is among those recommended for re-hire for the next school year in Seminole County.

May 12, 1999: Police To Get School Floor Plans – Wolfgang is noted as having recognized opportunities for procedural changes after Columbine. He pushes for a mysterious “private company” to produce “floor plans” of every school. [LINK]

Blueprints, which provide much more detail about a building, aren’t necessary unless an incident occurs at a school.

With that in mind, Halbig said, the district has promised to make available blueprints of any building it owns within an hour of any crisis.

A private company has offered to produce the floor plans at no cost, Halbig said.

He declined to identify the company, but he added that the owner has children who attend county schools.

May 18, 1999: “Marcum looking for a collaborative approach to students safety in the school system” news story profiles the “first safe schools supervisor for the Marion County Public School System” – a position apparently based on Halbig’s role in Seminole County. Brian Marcum, the first appointee to this position, met Halbig through their delivering of safety presentations with students.

In this profile, it is further noted that:

Marion County created this job opening “following the recommendations of a safe schools task force that met last summer.

“Marcum has also worked with Halbig as a presenter on safety training for teachers at various conferences.”

The two men met when Halbig was an assistant principal at Lake Mary High School in Seminole County. Marcum was the school resource officer there.”

Question #10 Wolfgang MUST answer: What was the nature of your professional relationship with Mr. Marcum? 

  • Were you guys just really good friends? Who likes to make money together?
  • Did he give you a cut after you got the district to create a job for you?
  • Did you sell any services to his district after you left to go into the private sector?
  • Did you disclose any of this information to the district when you were signing all those contracts?
  • Were you surprised when someone finally called you out on all these conflicts of interest, and you subsequently lost that contract in Maryland?

May 30, 1999: Surprise Inspections – Ron Davis responds, apparently to  letter to the editor from a concerned citizen, citing Wolfgang’s performance as a “security director.” The same Ron Davis would go into business with Wolfgang just months later.

IN REPLY to Harry Buffkin’s letter about school security, as one who has only been in the education arena for 10 months and coming from a 25-year career in law enforcement, I would like to answer some of his questions.

I have witnessed security director Wolfgang Halbig make eight unannounced security inspections at elementary, middle and high schools.

I have witnessed more than 11 different meetings and workshops he has conducted to improve security in Seminole County public schools.


June 15, 1999 – Wolfgang conducts a “School Safety Presentation” which is listed in the appendix of the Safe Schools Task Force in October 1999:

Organizational Meeting-Senate Task Force on School Safety Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Lake Mary, Florida School Safety Presentation Mr. Wolfgang Halbig, Director of Security Seminole County Schools District 

Staff for Senator Dyer: Bruce Antone Suzanne Denson Gloria Warden

June 16, 1999 – How To Stem Students Violence? – Wolfgang is quoted in another article on school safety, and expresses doubt that teachers would “know how to break up a fight.” He cites this as a reason for setting up “six regional training sites.“ [LINK]

Wolfgang Halbig, security director for Seminole County schools, recommended several ways to make schools more secure. Each school district needs a security director, Halbig said, and data about crime and violence at schools must be maintained for all grades.

Also, Halbig said, the Legislature should fund a Florida safe-schools training center to prepare school personnel to deal with school safety and security issues.

“Metal detectors at every door are not going to stop a school shooting on campus,” he said.

He suggested setting up six regional training sites that would operate under the guidance of the state education commissioner. Teachers don’t know how to break up a fight,” Halbig said, “but if they walk away, they’re negligent.”

June 25, 1999, Kathleen Halbig is listed as “a single person.

July 22, 1999 – fulfillment of mortgage

July 23, 1999 – a person named Denise defaults on a debt to Wolfgang.

August 13 1999 – Wolfgang starts NATIONAL SAFE SCHOOL INSTITUTE, INC.

September 14, 1999 – Wolfgang retires from Seminole County Public Schools

ADMINISTRATIVE TERMINATIONS AND RESIGNATIONS for 1999-00 1. Davis, Ronald Edward – Educational Support Center, Ombudsman/security, Professional Stnd Investigator, Reason: Resig for employ outside educa, Termination Effective Date 9/08/1999 2. Halbig, Wolfgang W – Educational Support Center, Ombudsman/security, District Security Chief, Reason: Retired, Termination Effective Date 12/01/1999 

His associates Ron Davis and Richard Wells leave with him:

September 8, 1999 3 Founders Center Their Company On Campus And Corporate Safety – An article about the departures of Halbig, Wells, and Davis, and their plans to start a private company (NISWS) providing school safety services. [LINK]

Lazy days on the golf course, in a fishing boat or in front of the TV aren’t on Wolfgang Halbig’s horizon. Days after retiring as security director for Seminole County schools, he is immersed in his new job, one that still revolves around the safety of students and teachers.

Halbig, administrator Richard Wells and professional-standards investigator Ron Davis recently left their jobs with the school district to form the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety, a business that will have headquarters in the Lake Mary-Heathrow area.

It’s going to be tough to walk away because I love public schools. I love what I do,” Halbig said.

At the same time, he said, he eagerly anticipated the challenge of the new venture.

Halbig, Davis, and Wells boast years of experience in campus security, police work and school administration. They plan to put that experience to work training school and business employees about safety, security and aggressive-behavior management. An investment company in the Tampa Bay area is providing the financial backing for the institute, Halbig said.


Halbig, who serves on state and federal safe-school task forces, said the business didn’t spring from April’s fatal school shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo. Still, said Davis, a former Florida Highway Patrol trooper, the three have commiserated many times about the string of violent school tragedies in recent years.


The new company already has three contracts lined up, in Dade County, Indiana and Nebraska, Halbig said.

The institute will teach strategies that Halbig said he helped implement as the district’s security chief. Those measures include developing emergency-management plans, forming safe-school teams, adding security cameras where needed on campuses and setting up hotlines so students can anonymously report peers who make threats or bring weapons to school.

November 26, 1999: Some teachers say self-defense should be required –  Article in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune quotes Wolfgang on school safety, who again suggests he has expertise in “how to restrain a child professionally.” [LINK]


March 2000 issue of American School Board Journal: Halbig’s article, “Breaking the Code of Silence” is published. By now, Halbig’s carefully constructed resume is firmly in place.

I have been an assistant principal, a teacher and coach, a state police officer, and a director of school district security. In all these roles, I saw how and why a code of silence is so deeply ingrained in youth culture. Historically, students have been loath to “tattle,” “rat,” or “narc” on their peers — especially in secondary grades when social acceptance often overrides the urge to do the right thing. Added to that reluctance is a fear of violent retribution for turning someone in that is probably more real today than ever before.

June 23 2000 – “Security Equipment Not Answer To School Safety” – Article about Wolf’s appearance at a conference in Nebraska. At the conference, Halbig shares an anecdote about drugs being found on a student during a visit from Governor Jeb Bush, the same story he related in his “Break the Code of Silence” article the previous month. [ARCHIVE]

Lincoln — A Florida State Trooper turned school teacher and administrator believes metal detectors and video cameras aren’t the answer to school safety – cooperation and respect are.

“It’s about people. It’s about us being out there and greeting the kids,” said Wolfgang Halbig, president and CEO of the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety.

[…] A stumbling block to this approach, Halbig acknowledges, is that with the coming new-teacher shortage and massive retirements of experienced educators, it’ll be tough to find any teachers at all – much less deeply caring ones who want to get involved in their students’ lives. Combine that with a 23 percent spike in the number of kids aged 14-17 by 2005, and there are challenges ahead. Halbig said the entire community needs to recognize that children will do illegal things, and come together to take preventive measures. An example: Around six months ago, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was to visit a high school campus. The morning of his visit school officials got a call from a student warning them that another student would be selling marijuana in the parking lot. Officials caught the student with 28 bags of marijuana, but the principal didn’t want Gov. Bush – and the hordes of reporters following him – to know about the bust. That frustrated Halbig, who thought it would have made a good learning opportunity about the value of working together to promote safety and lawful behavior in school. “Now Jeb Bush left that day thinking there’s not a problem. We have to share the good as well as the bad and not be afraid of it,” Halbig said.

In the same article, Nebraska governor Mike Johanns expresses concern about bringing in costly security consultants like Halbig:

According to Johanns spokesman Chris Peterson, the governor has two main concerns. First, suppose a school district has an outside party review its school safety plan, and the reviewer recommends the school take some action to improve safety. Further suppose the school doesn’t take that action, and something untoward happens that would have been prevented if it had taken that action. What kind of additional, potential legal liability does that place on the school? Second, the governor is unsure whether the wording of the rule would require a safety review simply by a neighboring school district’s superintendent, or by a $200 an hour security consultant. The former option is free, and the latter option is an unfunded mandate.

August 23 2000: NISWS’s Ron Davis emails Governor Jeb Bush, begging to expand their Seminole County system to all of Florida (note: formatting from source doc has been edited for readability.)

—–Original Message—–

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Wednesday, August 23, 2000 11:46 AM

To: [email protected]

Subject: School Safety and Security

NAME: Ron Davis

ADDRESS: 249 Kettle Court

Casselberry, FL 32707

Governor Bush:

We met several times during both campaign’s in Orlando, as well as in Seminole County School District,where at that time School Security Director WOLFGANG HALBIG and I had the honor of spending time with you on how we had made National News on making this school district so much safer and aware of special training to all employees,which we designed and directed.

You requested us to get back with you after the ELECTION,to discuss further the need for all

School Districts in Florida to at least see and evaluate what we have to offer.

Since, we too have moved on. We retired and started a National Company in School

Safety and Security along with a Retired School Superintendent. See our web


I am a retired State Law Enforcement officer from FLORIDA. 17 yrs as a State

Trooper and 8 yrs with Lawson Lamar, State Attorney Office-Investigator.I

was honored to be State Trooper of the Year in 1987 and received by Gov.

Martinez and Cabinet. We are still trying to get to see you, per your request.We can

truly help more districts,if given the chance.With respect and love to


RON DAVIS and Family

Davis receives a one-sentence reply from Bush’s office. He responds, apparently frustrated that he promised meeting between NISWS and Governor Bush has still not materialized..

From: Ron Davis <[email protected]>

To: Florida Governor

Date: 8/29/2000 2:21:01 PM

Subject: RE: School Safety and Security

Dear Ms. Murray

Thank you for your response, we will be in Talla. on Sept. 8th meeting with F.D.L.E. Comm Tim Moore and staff reference our track record in helping school districts and law enforcement working together, per our training and software package that Attorney General Janet Reno praised when we met her in Wash. D.C.

Last night in Lake Mary,Fl. we met with Attorney General Butterworth, who also asked us to come see him, as his interest for our kids and school staff remains a priority. We are still needing to see the Gov. or Lt. Gov, hopefully on the 8th or 9th, as they requested during their swing through Seminole County School District many months ago, and saw what all we have done and are doing for other counties and now other States. As the Gov. of Nebraska told us “Jeb Bush should be very happy to have you guys in his State assisting him in the school safety and security program” see per our

web site, because press was present I did not have the heart to tell him, we have yet been able to see him, even though he asked us to meet with him months ago. Can you assist us please,let it show true that the little people can still be heard and seen.

Thank You So Much

Ron Davis

September 28, 2000 The National “Break The Code of Silence” Foundation established, with Wolfgang as one of its Directors. Another director of the foundation, Wayne Blanton, is also director of the Florida School Boards Association.

October 2, 2000:  School Security Experts Bring Message to Region – article in the Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois covers a school safety conference, including a presentation by Wolfgang Halbig.  [LINK]

Never let somebody else tell you how to do your job, Halbig, a retired school administrator and police officer, said. “Never let another teacher tell you about a kid, no matter what the kid looks like,” he said. Halbig instructed his clerical staff that if a caller appeared to be going in the direction of a bomb threat, abruptly ask if they can hold for a moment. Count to five then pick up the line again. While on hold, the caller’s telephone number pops up on caller ID. Also, chances are the caller will hang up while on hold if it’s a prank. “If they’re still there, they’re serious as a heartbeat,” he said. He also tells his staff not to hang up the telephone when bomb threats are called in, even if the caller hangs up. This makes it easier to trace the calls.

[…] Halbig puts more stock in adequate staff supervision than security cameras. Luanne Brown, security director at Carbondale Community High School, took issue with this, in part. She said cameras are not as effective as in-person supervision. But she said they do work as a deterrent. She was struck by a comment by Halbig, that teachers often make the mistake of “assuming students respect them.” This mistake, he said, can be painful or even deadly when teachers, instead of seeking help, try to handle a violent or weapons-related situation on their own and students prove them wrong. Teachers often don’t know how to break up fights. Proper training can help prevent a teachers’ students restraint efforts from becoming negligence or from hurting or killing a student, as has happened.

[…] This is just the lull before the storm, Halbig said several times, referring to how the growing lack of respect students and their parents have for teachers and school staff likely will lead to more violence. Federal statistics say school deaths are down, Halbig said, but he said these statistics do not keep track of the non-fatal shootings and stabbings. “These people in Washington, think tanks, don’t like it when I say this, but have they driven a school bus lately?” he said.

[…] Halbig had an element of alarm in his presentation. Oral sex, he said, is the No. 1 issue in middle schools nationwide. He talked about kids beating kids to death in bathrooms and students shooting or striking teachers and other students.

October 13 2000: – Wolf is confirmed for the Partnership for School Safety and Security.

Docs showing appointment:






October 16, 2000: Wolfgang Halbig emails Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Written under the all-caps subject line A PROMISE IS A PROMISE, Wolfgang’s expresses support for Jeb as well as President George W Bush, before once again requesting that the governer follow through on his supposed promise to help NISWS. The home address Wolfgang provides is an apartment.

From: Wolfgang Halbig
To: [email protected]
Date: 10/6/2000 5:26:10 PM

My name is WOLFGANG W. HALBIG, I am the former director of PROJECT EXCEL an alternative school for students who have been expelled from public schools in Seminole County. You were our guest twice with parents and all of our students appreciative of your visit. We provided excellent media coverage for your visit. You extended your hand to me, and promised that if you were elected governor of our state that you would extend an invitation in discussing school safety and alternative education. 

I believe in you and your brother in providing new vision and leadership for America. I am a
naturalized citizen of this country who earned the privilege. I taught American Government in High Schools hoping to share my passion about government and on how we can make a difference.
 I just gave the keynote speech for SAFE SCHOOLS in the state of NEBRASKA, invited by the
Commissioner of Education and the Governor of the state of Nebraska. I am currently training over 1500 school resource officers and school administrators through the Federal Cops program across the United States, one of those national programs is slated for Tampa Florida in August.

If you know anyone in a company called FAMILY FIRST out of Tampa Florida, they evaluated our program and would be an excellent reference. AS YOU CAN SEE I AM TRYING…. I have no political clout except for my passion for our children and teachers in public schools. All I can do is ask for your consideration, you have children as does your brother, teaching character education is vital, I have always been taught that a promise is a promise. I am only asking because I believe in what we are trying to accomplish.

407-496-5551 cell

p.s. I saw you at the Charlotte, N.C. Airport and you asked me to E-Mail You.

December 16, 2000: A person writes to Governor Bush, claiming to be an acquaintance of Wolfgang Halbig and seeking placement on the  school safety committee.

—–Original Message—-From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 4:13 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Safety Committee for Florida

Hello Governor Bush,

My name is Dr. Peggy Jones, and I am the principal of Sebastian River High School in Sebastian, Florida. I am very proud to say we are one of the 10 original New Millennium High Schools in the state of Florida. Our county teacher of the year for Indian River County, Susan Lovelace, was with you not
too long ago, and she enjoyed the roundtable discussion with you. She invited you to come to our school. I am writing to invite you again to our wonderful school–we really do come “out of the box” at Sebastian.

I would also love to make a request. Wolfgang Halbig, a consultant for our district for school safety, told me he was asked to be one of 10 people on a safety committee for the state. He has
been with our district a couple of times and we have invited him back to be at SRHS all day with us on February 7th. I asked him if there were any high school principals on this committee. He did not believe so. Do you have room for one more? I attended a state safety conference about three years
ago in Orlando—Lt. Governor Brogan was there, and I really enjoyed it.

Governor Bush responds:

From: Jeb Bush
To: ‘[email protected]
BCC: Brown Brewser (E-mail)
Brown Brewser (EOG) (E-mail)
Date: 12/16/2000 4:38:17 PM

Subject: RE: Safety Committee for Florida

Thank you for writing. I will check on the status of the school safety committee. Either myself or Brewser Brown will be back to you.

Jeb Bush

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