Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig

2023 in the Life of Wolfgang Halbig, Sandy Hook Hoaxer

Wolfgang Halbig, the notorious Sandy Hook hoaxer, doesn’t have much of a social media presence anymore. And ever since Alex Jones publicly learned the hard way how expensive it can be to give Wolfgang airtime, even the scummiest podcasters don’t want to interview him. So you probably didn’t hear much from him last year. But that doesn’t mean he’s been keeping quiet… in fact, he’s been acting just as deranged as ever! 

Let’s take a look at Wolfgang’s path through 2023 in detail. (If you want to follow along, most of this is available in the Lake County Clerk’s website. Wolfgang’s case number is 35-2020-MM-001628-AXXX-XX)

Wolfgang’s Quest to Clear His Name

As of the start of 2023, Wolfgang was still stinging from his January 2020 arrest for harassment. He had managed to avoid prosecution for it in 2021, and the case was now closed. But in 2022, he had decided to fight back; Wolfgang filed a lawsuit against the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the deputies who had arrested him, and Lake County itself. In this 2022 complaint, he outlined why those parties should pay him thirty million dollars for what he’d endured.
Wolfgang Halbig does not like being publicly humiliated

The “public humiliation” he refers to was that terrible night in January of 2020: Wolfgang Halbig in cuffs, getting shoved in a squad car.  He’ll never forget it.

Four deputies bag themselves a wolf
Wolfgang Halbig falsely claims he had a not-already-destroyed school safety or consulting business in 2022

It was all part of a conspiracy, like always. In his filing, Wolfgang made it clear: “The sole purpose of the defendants’ conspiracy actions was to silence me.” And he was going to make them pay.

A few months later, Wolfgang’s case against Lake County and the deputies was dismissed. But still Wolfgang was not deterred. He appealed that decision, and as 2022 turned to 2023, he was awaiting the next ruling from the district court.

On January 31, Wolfgang got the decision he’d been waiting for. But not the one he wanted.

The “non-party subpoenas” thing is probably a reference to an earlier event Halbig’s case failed against Lake County and the sheriff. He’s always excited to get “discovery” of government records, or get a government official under oath, assured that it would blow the conspiracy wide open (as seen in his endless FOIA court antics in Newtown, during his Infowars era). But I guess he got a little too excited this time. Rather than going through the court’s procedures for issuing subpoenas, which involves meetings and rulings and going through the clerk of the court, Wolfgang just decided to send out his own. Including to people who weren’t even party to his lawsuit.

Wolfgang Halbig is part of the conspiracy to humiliate Wolfgang Halbig

So that was the latest reason for his lawsuit to be denied. But Wolfgang resolved to stay in the fight. He filed another appeal, this time to the U.S. Court of Appeals. He was determined to be made whole for the suffering he’d been put through.

At the same time, that wasn’t going to be enough. Wolfgang still believed in the myth he’d been perpetuating about himself for decades — that he was really a principled lawman and crusader for justice — and that was simply incompatible with his memory of being handcuffed, not to mention his eternally-available mugshot. Meanwhile, that charge was still on his record, even without a conviction. It was public information. So in 2023, Wolfgang made it his quest to clear his name; he didn’t just want money anymore, the harassment charge had to be expunged. Damages were one thing, but this was about setting the record straight.  
Halbig launched this latest quest in March, when he hired a new attorney, Zahra Umansky of the Umansky law firm. This attorney’s office then appears in the docket, requesting copies all the documents from Wolfgang’s harassment arrest.
Wolfgang's latest attorney, Zahra Umansky, enters the fray in Lake County

The Umansky law firm specializes in criminal defense. In fact, this same attorney, Zahra Umansky, was a talking head on CNN several times back in 2012, when George Zimmerman was arrested for killing Trayvon Martin; Zahra had represented Zimmerman on a previous case, in 2005, and would again (briefly) in 2018 when Zimmerman was charged with stalking.

Wolfgang's attorney speaks to CNN about a past client in 2012

(Zimmerman doesn’t have anything to do with Wolfgang’s case, but I think it might be how Wolfgang became aware of this attorney. Some of Halbig’s first unhinged Facebook posts, back before Sandy Hook, were about the Trayvon Martin case. He followed the story very closely.)

Anyway, so Umansky gets the file on Halbig’s arrest in April, and the next month, she submits a “Petition to Expunge Records“. The start of her effort to convince the court to clear Wolfgang’s name.

Wolfgang Halbig requesting that his harassment charge be expunged - May 2023

In Wolfgang’s section, he notes that part of his reason for requesting his record be cleared is that he is “concerned that this record may affect career opportunities.” I’m not sure what kind of career prospects he might be imagining he has at this juncture in his life, but whatever. He probably had to give some reason beyond his hurt feelings.

The Sheriff’s Office was asked for their input, and they responded in June, basically saying they didn’t care about this issue either way: “The Sheriff neither consents nor objects to the entry of an order expunging the Defendant’s criminal history records.”

With that, Wolfgang’s attorney gave notice that she would be calling for a hearing before Lake County Judge Sarah J Jones on August 1st, 2023. Wolfgang could plead his case then; but also, his harassment victim, Lenny Pozner, would be given an opportunity to argue against expunging Wolfgang’s record. Which side would prevail?

Before that could be resolved, Wolfgang found out he had some work to do on his other quest: the lawsuit he had filed against Lake County and sheriff, and lost, and appealed (and lost, and appealed again). Things were in motion in the U.S. Court of Appeals during June and July of 2023. But then the updates to the docket, at least the public ones, suddenly stop; the last entries are the court reminding him to produce a brief by 8/21/2023, and it doesn’t look like he ever did. (The docket does note that he attempted to file a “motion to proceed in forma pauperis”, which would make sense given he filed for bankruptcy in 2022.) 

Perhaps by now he had lost interest in that quest; if he could get his harassment charge expunged, that would be worth more than money. 

Wolfgang’s Day in Court

August 1st came, and Wolfgang stood before the judge, pleading to get his name back.  It didn’t go well for him.

"Expunge - Denied" - Lake County Courts to Wolfgang Halbig on August 1 2023

There’s no recordings of the hearing, or even any transcript. So all I really have to go on is Wolfgang’s complaining (we’ll get to that shortly). However it went down, Judge Jones didn’t need to think it over for very long; she denied Halbig’s petition to expunge on the same day. (Hell, she very well may have told Wolfgang to his face that she was denying it.)

The very next evening, Wolfgang sent out one of his signature, incoherent conspiracy mass-emails, ranting about the ruling to a seemingly-random set of addresses from his list. The very-normal subject line reads “I am asking all of you to simply follow the law as I did when working as a Florida State Trooper.please.” 

Wolfgang Halbig: "You are attacking my life."

Wolfgang directs his rage at “Gadson and crooked staff” in this message, which I can only guess refers to Florida State Attorney Bill Gladston. He whines at the court, “you are attacking my life” and “how can I be a Felon when the Lake County State Attorney is suing Misdemeanor Florida Statues?” 

The whole thing gets even more incoherent after that, with a bunch of broken links to legal blogs, and paragraphs that seem to have been copy-pasted incorrectly.  But as he signs off, Wolfgang’s voice returns, and he vows “I will take this to the Suprem Court if I have too, being a former Florida State Trooper.” Then, he seems to transpose his and Lenny’s role in the whole case, casting himself as the victim of some kind of “fabricating and falsifying legal law enforcement documents” which is “outright malicious esicllay when used to defame and slander me and my family.”

I dunno. Like I said, these email blasts from Halbig are usually incoherent. 

So Wolfgang stews about all this for another day, and then on August 3rd, he forwards the above email as an attachment to still another mass-email. This one, he sends to Judge Jones herself; we know, because she added it to his case in the court’s system.

Wolfgang still cc's Rob Dew of Infowars on his emails, in 2023. And Norm Pattis

“How corrupt is Sarah Jones?” Wolfgang cries into the void.  He goes on to accuse the deputies of committing crimes in their treatment of him. He signs off “This is my county. I hope all of you are are proud of ypour work?”

Sheer lunacy from Wolfgang Halbig in August 2023

Wolfgang’s attorney doesn’t appear to have been on the list of recipients for these emails. But if nothing else, she saw them when the judge added them to the docket. As soon as the weekend was over, Zarah Umansky filed a “Notice of Conclusion of Representation.” She wouldn’t be aiding Wolfgang in his quest any further.

His hopes dashed once again, Wolfgang would at least have plenty of time to work on his appeal to the Supreme Court. But instead, he just returned to one of his favorite activities: stalking Lenny Pozner.

The Conspiracy Continues

Wolfgang’s birthday came on October 8, 2023. He turned 77 years old. And it was around this time that Wolfgang discovered what he probably saw as a gift, made just for him.

It turned out that Lenny Pozner, the grieving parent of a child lost at Sandy Hook, had turned up on law enforcement’s radar: a state trooper speed-checked him doing 79mph in a 70 zone while driving on a turnpike near Orlando. He had to pay 162 bucks in court fees by the time he was done!

“So what?” you might ask.

Don’t you see, Wolfgang would reply, Sheriff’s Deputies in that county wear bodycams. Those are public records. I could obtain video footage of Lenny Pozner!

Which may cause you, again, to ask, “So what?”

Well, it may be helpful to tell you about another instance where Halbig came into possession of footage of Len Pozner.

Back in the heyday of the “Sandy Hook Hoax” conspiracy theory scene, Wolfgang was one of the four horsemen of hoaxing. The others were conspiracy host Alex Jones, now-former professor James Tracy, and a retired professor and conspiracy whack-job, Jim Fetzer. Fetzer was responsible for publishing a book, “No One Died at Sandy Hook,” which resulted in Len Pozner suing him for defamation.

Fetzer lost that case, hard. To the point where his net worth is currently somewhere around negative-one million dollars. And part of the reason the judgment against him was so harsh was that, in the course of that lawsuit, Len Pozner was deposed, on-camera; the footage from that deposition was supposed to be under seal. But this is Jim Fetzer we’re talking about, and he’s every bit as deranged and malicious as his close associate Wolfgang Halbig, so he of course violated the court order and shared the footage with his followers, including Wolfgang. 

Len Pozner files a declaration in 2020, attesting to how Halbig and Fetzer violated a court order to continue defaming him

And this, reader, reveals why Halbig was so excited to obtain the bodycam footage of Len Pozner getting a speeding ticket: not anything to do with “justice” or “the truth” or anything like that, even from Wolfgang’s perspective; it was just more opportunity for Wolfgang to harass and defame his targets.

After getting the bodycam footage, Wolfgang’s next email blast was directed at Quarles & Brady, the firm that represented Pozner in his case against Fetzer in Wisconsin. As republished at Social Media’s Most Wanted’s post about Halbig’s latest behavior, the email included a typical example of the “face matching” images that paranoid conspiracy theorists manufacture about their victims, using the image taken from the sealed footage that Fetzer leaked.  

An image circulated by Wolfgang Halbig, in his quest for revenge against Len Pozner

Clearly, this latest footage to fall into Wolfgang’s hands was already being prepared for an updated version of this insanity, and Halbig wanted the lawyers in Wisconsin to know, as he attached a few screengrabs from the bodycam and wrote in his familiar style:

On Nov 11, 2023, at 7:48 AM, WOLFGANG HALBIG <[email protected]> wrote:

Subject: Attorneys at Quarles and Brady might be part of a huge Fraud. Notice of Liability.


Quarles and Brady Partners:

You’re law firm I believe might be part of a huge Fraud allowing someone to impersonate a Leonard Pozner in a Dane County Madison Circuit Court before Judge Frank Remington Case Number 18CV3122.

You defended Leonard Pozner Pro Bono in an appeal case.

You allowed this case to go forward to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
You allowed his name Leonard Pozner to be part of an Amnicus Brief filed to the United States Supreme Court without conducting a complete Background Check.
On August 1, 2023  another Leonard Pozner appeared in my Courtroom before Judge Jones in Lake County Florida in Courtroom 1B at 1:30 pm.
I have the court video and audio that shows a Leonard Pozner who is NOT the same Leonard Pozner that your Law Firm represented in Wisconsin before Judge Frank Remington and the appeal court judges.
I will be glad to send you the video and audio which will allow you to verify my criminal complaint and Notice of Liability if am right.
I have attached photos showing the Leonard Pozner’s face that you represented in Wisconsin and then the Leonard Pozner that appeared in my courtroom.
I also have a Body cam from law enforcement showing Leonard Pozner handing the Deputy his driver’s license and being asked in the Body Cam video whether all of the information on his driver’s license was correct. He responded by telling the Deputy yes it is.
There is no doubt that your Leonard Pozner is NOT the same Leonard Pozner that appeared in my courtroom on August 1, 2023.
You decide for yourself.
I urge you to report Leonard Pozner as a possible Fraud using your Law firm to be complicit in representing him.
You decide……..
I hope that I am wrong, but if I am right you have a serious problem with credibility as a law firm.
If you have any questions please call me at 407-496-5551.
Wolfgang W Halbig

So yeah, it’s all very sick and also very stupid and pathetic.  And that’s how Wolfgang Halbig spent his 2023.

A Decade of Harassment

Just as the year was about to end, December 14th, 2023 passed, marking the 11th anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. It also marked one decade of Wolfgang’s quest to deny Sandy Hook ever happened. You see, while Wolfgang followed the case from the beginning, at first he seemed to view it through the lens of his career in the school-safety business. He was belligerent in emailing the Newtown School District, demanding to be appointed their School Safety Expert for the report on the Sandy Hook shooting. But he didn’t really delve into full-fledged hoaxerism until late 2013. This was when he launched his public personae, and rode his Facebook posts to internet fame and spots on Infowars.
One of Wolfgang Halbig's first "Sandy Hook hoax" facebook posts, from Dec 6 2013

…So, the end of 2023 also marks ten full years of Wolfgang Halbig’s crusade against the truth. An entire decade of raging against a traumatized community, for no reason, but at the cost of everything else he ever had in life. And no end to it in sight.