Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig


Who is Wolfgang Halbig? 

If it’s your first time here, there’s a good chance you just found out what a Sandy Hook Hoaxer is, and now you have a question like that stuck in your head: “Who is Wolfgang Halbig?” I see that a lot. I’ve been occupying this URL for some time, and I see all sorts of searches, yes indeed. And there are many variations on this question, for example:
  • Exactly what the hell is wrong with Wolfgang Halbig?
  • How is it possible that this obvious lunatic Wolfgang Halbig is out walking the streets?
  • Isn’t there even one single person in Wolfgang Halbig’s family who cares about him and will just do something already?
  • How can I make sure that whatever happened to Wolfgang Halbig’s brain doesn’t happen to mine?
Well, the good news is, I’m here to help.  The bad news is, the answers to these questions are complicated.  You see, as of this writing, Wolfgang Halbig is a 73-year-old retired man, living all alone in a house in Florida, probably wondering how it all went wrong. His scam to pretend he was exposing the “Sandy Hook Hoax” has bottomed out. His wife walked out on him, all of his businesses have failed, his much-touted lawsuits have all fizzled, no radio hosts will return his calls, the donations have dried up, and he’s racked up one legal defeat after another. He is openly referred to in court — by his co-defendant’s counsel, no less — as a “raving lunatic.”  People all over the state of Florida, and across his own neighborhood, recognize Wolfgang Halbig as the broken-down old fool who has burned every bridge he ever crossed in life, and who occasionally is cause for a camera crew to visit, just to get a picture of one of the most loathed human beings in America.  Even his own children want nothing to do with him (though this should not be confused with them actually taking responsibility for stopping the harm he inflicts on innocent people; they don’t want any of that either, unfortunately. See: “Family” section for details.) He’s been turned away from every charity website, payment processor, and web host on the internet. Face-to-face, he has been informed by several churches and elementary schools, quite forcefully, that he is not welcome on their grounds ever again. Security guards circulate his picture before events, and whispers precede him wherever he goes — about the creepy, incoherent, slobbering old man who preys on the memories of children. He is, in short, a complete loser, a fraud, and an embarrassment to humanity. Now, as he nears the end of his life expectancy, there’s probably not one single soul anywhere on the planet who could look him in the eye and honestly tell them that they feel one bit of love for him. And deep down, he knows it. So, all that’s got to suck! But he didn’t start that way. What a lot of people don’t know is, decades before the events of 2012 that led to him becoming the leader of the fraudulent “Sandy Hook Hoax” conspiracy theory, Wolfgang Halbig began a long transformation into the beast he would become. He spent his life bouncing around different careers, studying how to fool and scare and exploit people, how to lie and get away with it, and more than anything, how to make money by exploiting tragedies. His path through life is an oftentimes sickening, sometimes hilarious story, full of betrayals, humiliations, firings, lawsuits, and one catastrophic failure after another. Telling that story is what this blog is all about. I call it: Get Rich or Lie Trying: The Life of Wolfgang Halbig. (The main source for my little analysis is gonna be The Hoax of a Lifetime, a free ebook published about Wolfgang Halbig in 2015. You can still find that version of Wolfgang’s story if you want, filed under The Halbig Archives, or by clicking here.) Cheers, fellow Wolf-watchers! Stay tuned for more real soon. And remember: never turn your back on a Wolf.
-Blade Austin “Blade” Tompkins is a certified forklift and order-picker operator located in the province of Ontario. He was an active Sandy-Hook “hoaxer” from 2013 to 2014. He has been sober since 2015.

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